The AE executive is based in Cape Town, South Africa and San Jose, California, USA

AE leadership is highly experienced with excellent skills and abilities in their relevant roles. The company recognizes the need to stay ahead of the game, and this includes the leadership who all never cease learning and upskilling themselves

AJ Mitchell - Chairman


AJ studied law at the University of Witwatersrand. He heads the company in terms of strategy, vision, partnerships, and relationships.  His core strength is recognizing potential in people, companies, and business. Driven by seeing success of all parties that he works with, AJ strives for equality and fortune for all.  He has business interests in Information Technology, Aviation, Property and Security.  AJ is an internationally published poet and a devoted father to his daughter.

Gary Thomas - CEO

Gary is a Commerce graduate of Barkley University and has managed finances of various companies in the United States, mostly in the Information Technology industry.  Gary has also achieved advanced business management degrees including an MBA and the Corporate Director Certificate.  Gary is a very keen snow skier, spending any weekend opportunity on the slopes.

Wendy Baloyi - CFO

Wendy is a Commerce graduate of Nottingham University.  She was born and raised in South Africa, studied in the UK, and worked internationally, mostly in the USA.  Wendy is passionate about Human Rights and Gender Equality and devotes a lot of her spare time to these worthy causes, particularly in Southern Africa.

Leigh Whiterod - COO


Leigh is a barrister turned businesswoman.  A graduate of Liverpool University, Leigh practiced law before moving into corporate law and then into company management.  Leigh is responsible for the management of operations and legal works within the company globally.  Leigh's major passion is her family, including her husband, two sons and her dogs.

Ahmed Hussein - CSO


Ahmed has extensive global business experience and interests in multiple industries including information technology, agriculture, property development, finance, health, retail, shipping, and aviation.  Ahmed leads the global sales team with the most advanced Sales Management tools available ensuring excellent productivity, brilliant client experience and staff fulfillment.  Ahmed is passionate about horse racing, golf, and frequent trips to Europe.

Juanita Sanchos - CTO


Juanita is a Business Science Graduate of the UCLA.  She has worked with various automation companies since the birth of RPA with qualifications and experience on all the major suppliers.  She has also been a team leader of development in AE for many years, managing projects to completion for some of the largest financial compnaies in the USA. Juanita is married a musician and has wonderful twin boys to complete their perfect family.

Tim Scott - CHRO


TIm is responsible for Human Resources of the company.  He is a graduate of the University of Australia and has qualified in most HR Management courses available.  Tim has focused most of his career in the Information Technology Industry and has brought he experience to the experience to the company ensuring the most advance HR Management process available.  TIm is passionate about anything to do with the ocean, including sailing, surfing, fishing or just tanning on the beach with his fiancé.