Financial Services


Your clients want to live more and transact less


Financial institutions struggle to overcome disjointed, siloed customer experiences with traditional infrastructure and restrictive services, which frustrate more than they fascinate. With disruptors nimbly developing new offerings that respond better to client needs, the conventional financial services institution is no longer the destination of choice.


Clients are demanding more flexible products – in their channels of choice – and the instant gratification of a digital age. As a result, banks, insurers, and payments providers need to develop agility, leverage troves of data better, and partner with fintech and mobile network operators to better serve their customers and create moments that stick



End-to-end solutions for the digitally enabled, hyperconnected mine


The mining industry is becoming increasingly complex. Mining houses need to achieve sustainable profitability in markets characterised by volatile commodity prices and oversupply, competition and consolidation, and ever-changing equipment, quality, and safety regulations.


These developments are being driven by advancements in Fourth Industrial Revolution technology, such as cloud computing, the Industrial Internet of Things, and big data and analytics.


To stay relevant and competitive, mines need to become hyper-connected, digitally enabled organisations.




Deliver consistent customer value in the digital economy


Telecommunication service providers used to be about providing data and voice services. Now, they have evolved their service offerings to become critical players in the ecosystem as insurance providers, content streamers, and payment facilitators.


As the trend towards personalised customer service intensifies, telcos are best placed to service the demand through bundled products and solutions that meet individuals’ specific needs – from one secure, trusted hub.


To succeed, there’s one critical thing that telcos need to get right: the consistency of the digital experience across channels and touchpoints.



Experience in end-to-end manufacturing execution



The manufacturing industry is transitioning from mass production to on-demand, customised products for conscientious consumers


However, inefficiencies in processes, skills shortages, and disruptions in global supply chains affect manufacturers' ability to maintain profitability while driving social impact and adhering to environmental, health, and safety regulations.


This makes forecasting demand, analysing consumer behaviour, and managing inventory difficult.


Manufacturers are now rethinking how they design and manufacture their products with as little waste as possible, how they ship them, and, most importantly, how they approach the rapidly growing after-market repair and recycling market.


The technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, such as robotics, digital twins, drones, and automation, present an opportunity for manufacturers to create an end-to-end digitally connected industrial environment that reduces costs, increases ROI, and improves plant efficiency without sacrificing product quality.

Public Sector


Partnering with government to build a better South Africa


Our vision is to empower every South African so that they can participate in tech-enabled opportunities that drive inclusiveness, employment, and sustainable socio-economic development.


We believe that digital transformation is core to achieving what we believe to be the citizen journey. That is why we strive to empower the public sector with digital tools that enable Government citizen delivery, so that government departments can:

  • Achieve income and cost optimisation deliverables
  • Enable omnichannel citizen self-service
  • Expand digital inclusion
  • Build sustainable communities
  • Improve service delivery
  • Unlock efficiencies
  • Build citizen engagement and trust
  • And give demonstrative expression to their Strategic Plan