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AE IT Recruitment specializes in hiring skilled software developers and programmers from different countries to work for organizations. The demand for IT professionals continues to grow, and many companies are looking beyond their national borders to find the best talent. International recruitment offers companies access to a larger pool of skilled developers and can help to fill gaps in expertise that may be hard to find locally. Our approach requires navigating through different cultural and legal landscapes, as well as dealing with language barriers and time zone differences. Successful international recruitment involves understanding the unique needs of the organization, sourcing and screening candidates, and providing the necessary support for the new hires to integrate into the company culture.

AE strategically connects employers with IT professionals who are equipped to fulfill an employer’s distinct IT needs.


AE provides IT talent for several industries across the globe, including banking, insurance, mining, logistics, healthcare, information technology, retail, manufacturing, and e-commerce.

Automated Recruitment


We automatically monitor user activity and record an audit trail of activity for each candidate and client.

This includes capturing all incoming and outgoing emails relating to the candidate or client, and recording actions such as CV send outs, Interviews, Offers etc against both the candidate and client record.

Global Recruitment


Onboard international candidates, quickly and easily.


Business has changed dramatically since 2019, allowing companies to employ without geographical considerations.  AE Recruit has risen to the task and recruits highly skilled professionals from every part of the world.


We find the talent, and we put them on our fully compliant global payroll. Hire the best person in the world for the job, no entity required.



Regarded as one of the world's leading IT recruitment agencies, AE assists companies to find highly skilled candidates in accounting and finance, risk and compliance, technology, marketing, legal, HR and administration.


Our reputation has been built on client focus and addressing the needs of the clients accurately.  We put our clients first, which result in us always delivering best quality candidates, or nothing at all.

Global Brand


AE is a respected industry brand who are skilled IT Resourcing and Business Transformation Solutions specialists. We can procure and deploy skilled IT resources and provide customized business transformation solutions for different industries.


Our focus is to partner with small or large companies to extend teams, modernize the technology stack, redesign processes, transform the business experience, and focus on executing strategies.



In today’s complex and ever-changing technology landscape, many recruiters don’t have enough expertise to understand the difference. When looking for the right IT professional for your company, you need a specialist who understands your area.


AE is an IT company, which handles many facits of the industry all under one umbrella.  We employ a huge number of developers ourselves, which means that we know how to find the perfect person for you.

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