About AE

AE is a South African owned specialist IT company

San Jose, California, hosts our head office and development laboratory, with 8 other cities around the globe hosting various functions of the company

Our Story


AE was founded to be a Service Driven Software Solutions provider servicing companies globally. 

AE focuses on Development, Marketing, Sales, Service and Support of our selected world-class vendors to improve their business processes rapidly. The growth of the company has been geographical in that we service companies globally, and our service offering has grown based on our client requirements.

We have been extremely fortunate in our dealings with high-level decision makers who have partnered with our vison, service, service, delivery, and support.

Our Vision


AE has a simple vision: Make the world a better place!


AE supplies quality solutions to quality companies and then backs it up with quality service to ensure a long lasting and mutually beneficial business relationship.


AE aims to partner with each of our clients for the minimum of one hundred years, which drives us to perform at our best level all the time. Our clients know this value, and receive the service and support based on this.  IT works for us, and it works for them. WIn - Win.

Our Values


As a team, AE has defined our values to match the core of our business.  


They include:  

  • Quality  
  • Integrity
  • Constant Improvement  
  • Innovation by automation
  • Commitment to Customers  
  • Offer opportunities to underprivileged


Client engagement and contracts are driven by our values.

Our Business


AE is a Software Development Sales and Marketing Company.  Traditionally, AE has focused on Financial Services Enterprise Companies globally, based on the solid business relationships we have developed.


AE began our journey offering RPA and AI. The company grew into offering the full range of Cloud Computing products and solutions.


AE expanded to meet the need for Professional Serivces, IT Recruitment and Digital Transformation, Cloud Computing and Software Development.



AE has embraced the concept of Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE). As such, AE developed a corporate policy framework that incorporates all its interventions. On inception, AE approved a B-BBEE Scheme for the Black (as defined by the Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) Act) staff. AE is a Level 1 BBBEE Contributor.


AE is actively committed to identifying, recruiting, training, and employing previously under-privileged people from Africa.  AE recognises the challenges and welcomes these challenges as a positive action to improve the position of those who can achieve so much.

Social Responsibility


AE has a sincere and focused interest in identifying underprivileged people who have a natural inclination to work in software development.  Through partnerships with various organizations, AE is working to locate these people, train them and find international employment for them.


  • Free Software Developer education

  • Free RPA training

  • Free MSN training

  • Global Employment Opportunities

  • Entrepreneurial Opportunities